The Retreat

Uncover, Understand & Unleash Your Gift On The World

Embark upon on a journey Allow the rich cultural history of an exotic and mystical land overwhelm and expand your senses.

Contribution – The heart of this trip is about giving back, and growing as a person. As such, we will engage in a handful of experiences where you’ll be exposed to the gift of giving to orphans who need to know they matter, and personal growth, because you do. Come with an open heart

Personal Growth – The entire Give & Grow trip will be sprinkled with conversations and philosophies designed to help you process the experience and grow as a person. You’ll be able to explore your inner world further through self-reflection, so you can uncover your personal and unique gift.

A Twist of Adventure – You’ll be escorted on an epic surprise adventure in the search of what real connection is all about.

Local Culture – You’ll get in touch with the local people, learn about their traditions and life-style, and uncover what real connection is all about, all while getting introduced and immersed into the ancient and enticing local culture.

Contribution & Personal Growth with a Twist of Adventure – Apply Now!

“You will not be counting your dollars on your death bed; but rather the happiest days and moments of your life and the people you shared them with”~ Philip McKernan

It is often suggested that when you give you receive ten fold. I am not sure if this in entirely true but I do believe it in general terms. I do however believe when you give to get, this life lesson does not apply. That said, I know how much my own experience of working with orphans in Sri Lanka years ago impacted my life and how it has inspired me along my journey of creating this program.

This Give & Grow trip has the ability to change your entire perspective on life, and we are approaching this experience accordingly. We want to strike a balance between getting to see, feel and experience an exotic and mystical land, but at the same time take some space to allow the Give & Grow experience to land.

The Give & Grow Retreat has touched the lives of many souls in need, from all corners of the globe (both in orphanages and projects that we visit, and with the retreat participants that embark upon this journey). In the past, Give & Grow has visited Guatemala, Peru, and India.

Give & Grow combines our passion to GIVE with our need to GROW, and injects a sense of adventure that’s often missing in our lives.

Give & Grow is NOT a traditional volunteer project but rather a carefully crafted mentoring experience that holds the potential to change us.

What’s Included

  • All hotel accommodations
  • Ground transport
  • Most meals
  • Mentoring sessions with Philip
  • Support for booking the best flights
  • We will also have local people on the ground to support us

PLEASE NOTE: Flight costs are NOT included in the experience investment.

India 2015

Peru 2014

Guatemala 2013

So Rewarding!

5 5 1
It’s so rewarding. I feel so good that I can do this and make those kids happy 🙂

I didn’t expect to realize so much about myself

5 5 1
I didn’t expect to realize so much about myself. You walk away feeling accomplished but you’re also able to reflect about how can I apply this to my life?

This has been beyond my expectations!

5 5 1
You can feel your contribution, as opposed to when you make a donation. This has been beyond my expectations.

An experience that I’ll never forget

5 5 1
It’s been incredible. Some of it’s been tough but it’s been an experience that I’ll never forget.

Making an impact on a child is such a privilege

5 5 1
Give and Grow was an incredible opportunity to combine adventure with personal growth. By far the greatest gift I received however was seeing a child smile and laugh because a group of amazing individuals made him feel like he mattered and was LOVED.


5 5 1
You'll never know what you are able to do and give until you do it


5 5 1
Simply put this has been one of the greatest gifts and experiences I have given myself.

Incredible Experience

5 5 1
I went hoping to a positive impact on some children's life, but instead left with the children impacting me in such a profoundly positive way. A truly life changing experience.


5 5 1
Lots to process about India , shame on me if I ever complain about the small stuff again . When just your presence can make a child's day .

Quiet Reflection

5 5 1
India represented a time out from my chaotic life. It was a chance to reflect on what was meaniful and make changes going forward. Making connections in the projects by being completely in the moment was beyond impactful. I was able to get out of my head and feel the difference I was making. The adventure part was amazing - I haven't laughed like that in so long I forgot how much I miss having real fun and feeling light.

Life changing

4 5 1
This retreat has shaken me to the core what it feels like not only to give but to receive the gift of self. The orphanage visits made me realize how the kids are in a situation but they're not broken. Just like me who needs to accept myself for who I am and let go of beliefs that no longer serve me. After our hike of the Andes mountains, I was able to answer the question who I truly am. I am love. I am courage. I am lost and now I'm found. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

The best gift I could give myself

5 5 1
Aren't you afraid you're going to want to adopt them? I was asked that a lot before I left for Peru - and a variation since I've been back. I love kids but I really didn't feel that at all. It never crossed my mind while I was there. It wasn't the intention. We were there to play with the children, not rescue them. It was an absolutely incredible experience.

Such a Rewarding Experience

5 5 1
While at Give and Grow I've had some of the most joyful, impactful and rewarding experiences of my life. I've learned a lot about myself, and I've come home feeling deeply inspired to give of myself more. I'll never forget this amazing experience.
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