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Embark Upon a Journey to Uncover Your Gift

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Feel you’re destined for more?

Desire to impact others?

Want more meaning in your life?

Come with us on a journey and discover how.

Many of us move through life executing our talent but not honouring our gift. This film explores the difference between the two on an emotional, mental, and scientific level.

In GIVE & GROW, Philip McKernan takes a group of people to India for a social experiment to see if he can help them uncover their gift, and discover their higher calling.

Their results were stunning.

Now it’s your turn.


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As part of our mission to positively impact as many people on this planet as possible, we are excited to allow communities and groups to screen Give & Grow for FREE anywhere in the world!

Screening a film for friends, family, and random strangers can be a lot of fun, and it’s a great way to bring people together, raise awareness and do something valuable for yourself and for others. You don’t need a fancy theater, or even a fancy television. If you can play a DVD, you can bring people together to see the film and take positive steps towards impacting others in a positive way.

There is no charge from Give & Grow to host a screening, we simply ask that you follow these steps:

Step 1: Decide When, Where and Who

Choose a time and place that’ll best suit everyone. The most important thing is to make sure your intended venue is available on the date and time you plan to screen the film.

Step 2: Register for FREE

It’s part of our screening policy that all screenings be registered with Give & Grow by filling out the form below:

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Step 3: Download a Screening Resource Pack

This Resource Pack contains everything you’ll need for your screening (except of course a copy of the film which you can buy here).

Give & Grow Screening Resource Pack includes:

  • Movie Poster
  • Post-Screening ‘Join the Movement’ Handout
  • Post-Screening Questions
  • Sample Marketing Copy
  • Film Screening Checklist
  • Screening Event Facebook Image

Download your Screening Resource Pack

You can also download a copy of the Give & Grow Trailer, or get the embed code, for use in your promotions by Clicking Here.

Of course if you have any other questions or needs feel free to contact us.

Step 4: Hold Your Screening

It’s as easy as that. Don’t feel that you need to roll out the red carpet and spend lots of your own cash to hold a screening. They can be as flashy or as low key as you like, the important thing is getting the message out there!

Step 5: Sell DVDs at your screening (optional)

Many people sell DVDs at their screening. You can purchase multiple copies of the film at a discounted price and sell it at the screening. This could help cover the cost of the screening. If you are looking to purchase Give & Grow at bulk prices feel free to contact us.

Step 6: Take Photos at Your Event (optional)

We’d love to see photos from your screening, so if you take a few snapshots, feel free to send them along to us to share with our Give & Grow community. (By emailing us your photos, you are giving us the right to share them on our website and through social media).


In registering a screening with, BraveHeart Media, LLC (owners of ‘Give & Grow’) implicitly gives you the permission to host a public screening. Any other public screening not registered though is considered breach of copyright.


World Premier: November 5-6, 2016
Toronto, Canada – Presented by Philip McKernan

December 9, 2016
Portland, Oregon – Presented by Jason Werner / Cogeo

December 9, 2016
Courtenay, British Columbia – Presented by Lourdes Gant

Irish Premier: January 28, 2017
Dublin, Ireland – Presented by Philip McKernan
Venue – Irish Film Institute

Vancouver Screening: May 13, 2017
Vancouver, BC – Presented by Philip McKernan
H.R. MacMillan Space Centre

June 21, 2017
Toronto, Canada – Presented by TEPP & Inner Circle

September 8, 2017
Toronto, Canada – Fundraiser Presented by TEPP
Peter Gilgan Centre


About the Filmmaker


Over a decade ago, while living in Ireland Philip McKernan felt like a dead man walking. For all practical purposes, he was rich on paper but poor on life. That all changed when he took an

unexpected journey that would impact his life forever, and in turn, the lives of the people he passed his new-found philosophies onto.

Philip is an inspirational speaker, philosopher, author, filmmaker, and some would argue, an enlightened hooligan, who pioneers life-changing experiences for those who are brave enough to lean in and question what’s possible.

Seeking clarity about your future?

Believe you were destined for more?

Want to define your legacy and impact the world?

These are the questions that Philip helps his clients (ranging from Entrepreneurs to Olympic athletes, the Pentagon to Fortune 500 Companies, Billionaires to stay-at-home parents, and everyone in between) answer.

Want to know more, visit Philip’s website.

I really love Philip’ s work

The movie is a true gift for me and has a huge impact on my thoughts and ideas about my personal/professional future. I wish schools and universities would include it into their program to inspire young people for better choices on their life path. I circulated it to my friends and hope that they will do the same to spread the message even wider. Thanks so much.”
– Ulrike Boerger

Absolutely wonderful film


This is an absolutely wonderful film. I cannot recommend it enough. I am attendee at the 2017 Parker seminar in Las Vegas. What an incredible presenter!
Read More
– Brady Wyatt

Thank you for creating this film!





Thank you so much for creating this film! I resonate with it on so many levels. Because of this film, it’s message and your work I have been focusing on
Read More
– Tammy Fantauzzi

Give and Grow


Phil McKernan’s perspective on life is unique and truly inspiring! He’s the perfect example of somebody who has discovered his gift and is sharing it with
Read More
– Rich Danby

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